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Digital transformation of the cab market, connecting people to transport to deliver a fair and dynamic service for Passengers, Cabs and Licensing Authority.

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The Solution

Fare4Me is a software application that can be downloaded as a digital application, or accessed via a web browser.

This one application brings together:

Passengers get new booking options from legal providers.

Private Hire Operators & Drivers and Hackney Carriages get a digital solution designed around their licences, business process and access to multiple revenue streams.

Licensing Authorities:
Real time data for enforcement across district boundaries to create a national network.

Fare4Me is the only service that balances the needs of the entire market.


About Us

Perfect Data Limited is a technology company that has experience in the real cab trade.

Fare4Me is the result of a desire to deliver an application to the market that meets the needs of passengers, suppliers and regulators.

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